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Best Dart Boards in 2020 - Guide & Reviews

There are many styles of dart boards on the market today. They have come a long way from the traditional board of the past. While shopping for a dart board you will find many fantastic options with brand names such as Arachnid, Halex, Nodor, Sportcraft, Unicorn, and Viper. These are a few of the top names in dart boards. You can't go wrong with a board from these fine manufacturers.

The bristle board and the electronic board are the two main types.


Bristle dart boards are the traditional board made of cork-like material. These types of dart boards are meant for steel tip darts, perfect for all levels of players. Many of the bristle boards feature wire separators, self healing fibers, and moveable number rings. These features will help to extend the like of your bristle board.

In the Middle Ages, archers needed a way to practice inside. Since it was impractical to use a full-size bow inside, they resorted to a modified arrow (called a dart) and a smaller version of an archery target (called a board). Since then, the game of darts has evolved to the now familiar English version played in bars in pubs across the country and around the world. Why not bring this classic game home with a Bristle Dart Board?


Made of the finest materials, Bristle Dart Boards are constructed of self-healing sisal fibers and a razor-thin, staple free bulls-eye wire. These boards are accented with powder coated number wires to improve visibility. Bristle Dart Boards also have a cleaner appearance giving them a more professional look and feel.


The Bristle Dart Board meets the strict specifications of both the American Darts Organization and the British Darts Organization. Designed and manufactured with an official size 18" diameter, 1½" thick board, the Bristle Dart Board allows you to practice and play on the real thing from the comfort of your own home.

A Step Above

When you are ready to have the best, step-up to next level of Bristle Dart Board. These boards are manufactured with micro-thin embedded dividers to reduce "bounce out" and provide more playing area. They also have rotating numbers wire to provide a longer board life.


No game room is complete without a Bristle Dart Board. With their simple, yet elegant design, they can be placed in a cabinet or hung directly on the wall to accessorize any room.

Dartboards have been a staple in bars since the Middle Ages when archers brought the fun indoors. With a Bristle Dart Board, you can bring that same fun home.

Electronic Dart Boards

Electronic dart boards have revolutionized the game of darts. An electronic board is great for those wanting to improve their game or even for the seasoned player. One of the features of this type of board is electronic scoring. Some will even keep score for up to eight players! Another fun feature is voice commands and sound effects. Each electronic board has its own features. When purchasing an electronic dart board you may want to shop around until you find the features that you think you want or need.

Score Keeping

Electronic dartboards feature fast, automatic score keeping and multiple player score keeping displays.

Family-Friendly Fun

You can enjoy hours of worry-free game time with electronic dartboards that feature wide outer ring protection, keeping those stray darts from hitting your walls. Also, you'll use soft tip darts with an electronic dartboard. Soft tip darts are a bit safer than steel tip darts, and generally have the same heft and feel. Many models feature cabinet storage, and dart and accessory holders, with plenty of space to keep game instruction manuals, darts and spare tips.

Improved Playability

Electronic dartboards offer micro-thin segment dividers that reduce the chance for bounce-outs, all on a regulation target area. You'll also find double-in and double-out options, a sleep setting and reset mode, as well as a handicap feature. Many models include a play-against-the-computer option.

Display and Sound Effects

Electronic dartboards feature bright LED score display. Different dartboards will offer different sound effects-throw a winning dart and celebrate with the electronic announcer and digital sound effects.


Of course, all electronic dartboards come with an operating manual. You’ll also enjoy the convenience of soft tip darts and extra tips, an AC adaptor, game instructions, and mounting hardware in various models.

Game Options

Enjoy choosing from a large number of games, with an amazing number of options, including Cricket variations. Some of the exciting games you’ll find are: Shanghai, Ace, Horse, High Score, and Round the Clock. Cricket options include: Quick Cricket, Low Ball Cricket, Wild Card Cricket, and Scram Cricket.


As stated above, the bristle and electronic boards are great for the beginner to the advanced player. When choosing between a bristle or electronic board, the choice is really up to you. The important thing is to find the features that you think are important to you.

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