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Best Soft Tip Darts

Electronic dart boards are all the rage today! Featuring exciting game board action and automatic score keeping, these also include a ton of various game options. Soft tip darts are used with electronic boards. The barrels come in many different materials and styles. Whatever your preference, you should easily find the soft tip dart for your favorite electronic games.

Styles and Brands

There are a wide range of soft tip dart styles, each combining several elements that will affect the overall performance. The flight, shaft and barrel shapes of each dart help determine this performance. The "style" is further determined by its weight, grip, shape and materials. Each thrower must find what qualities are most important for his game. Some popular brands include: Arachnid, Halex, Nodor, Sportcraft, Unicorn and Viper.

Barrel Material

Soft tip barrels are commonly made of several materials including brass, chrome, tungsten and copper. Brass darts are the least expensive. They are heavy and made of a soft metal. They tend to wear down quicker than other types. Tungsten soft tips feature high density barrels that are small in diameter. The sleek, heavy nature of these darts make them superior to those of other materials. Heavier darts tend to be easier to control, but the lighter ones are what are generally used with electronic versions of the game.


Your darts say a lot about who you are. From Budweiser darts to Harley Davidson ones, you can find soft tip darts that reflect your interests and personality. You can also find boards that feature your favorite team's logo! Entertain in style!

Finding the soft tip darts that are perfect for you might take some time and practice. It might be easiest to go somewhere that has public games and darts you can rent. After just a few games, you'll know what qualities are most important to you and you'll be on your way to fast, accurate dart throwing!

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